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Posted by on in Joomla

joomla adminMany of us face the issue of forgot password of joomla administrator. The password cannot be reset suing the 'Forgot password' link on front-end of website. We need to reset it from database. I am listing here 3 methods to reset or recover joomla admin password.

Method I :- Using simple update SQL query.

Step 1 - Navigate to phpMyAdmin and select the database of the joomla wesbite.

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Posted by on in Joomla

date formatMost of us have changed the date format either by changing directly in the files through over-riding or by changing in the language file. But there is another and better way to do this. That is through language manager, yes you heard right its language manager.

Here is how to do it.

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I happened to came across an issue in the joomla version 2.5.14 and it seems like this error was there in all previous versions.
To reproduce the error simply search a keyword with apostrophe(for eg L'Illustration ) in chrome.

This is however working fine in firefox. We need to change some code in the joomla core files to fix the issue unless and until joomla team fixes it in their latest release.

In the file libraries/joomla/environment/uri.php around line 191, comment these line

// Check for quotes in the URL to prevent injections through the Host header
				/*if ($theURI !== str_replace(array("'", '"', '<', '>'), '', $theURI))
					throw new InvalidArgumentException('Invalid URI detected.');

And add these lines

$theURI = str_replace(array("'", '"', '<', '>'), array("%27", "%22", "%3C", "%3E"), $theURI);
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Posted by on in Joomla

Here we can see How to hide a menu item, module, content from a logged in user in Joomla 1.6+

Step 1. Go to user manager, create a new user group 'Guest'. Make it a child of Public group.



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Posted by on in Joomla

Many of us have faced the "Invalid token" issue while working on any joomla website.

Joomla tokens were added into joomla as a security feature for forms. Whenever a form was submitted it was also submitted with the form which was checked and validated after submission. If this was missing or incorrect you will get the Invalid token issue.

It was mostly included in the login and registration forms. It has been also added to logout form in recent version of joomla (1.6+).

The reason behind is clear either the token is missing or token is incorrect.

Missing token may relate that it has not been added to the form so simply add the following code will fix the issue.

echo JHTML::_( 'form.token' );

Invalid token is also caused due to any kind of cache being enabled on the website.

One Solution is to make sure sure your Login module is set to "No Cache" . Another thing you might want to check is if your System Page Cache plugin is switched off.

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